Monday, July 14, 2008

We came, we showed, we kicked butt!

This weekend was awesome! Hung out with "G" Friday night and had a good time. Then Saturday slept in a little and then headed to the barn to get ready for the show. I took Possum out and warmed him up in the outdoor arena and then popped over a couple jumps. Then took him out to his favorite trail and let him loose. He was having a blast, I could hardly hold him back. He jumped ditches and rock walls. We galloped up hills and through the woods. He was thoroughly tired when we got back to the barn. I untacked him and then started the process of bathing. Now Possum is pretty much the color of poop with some white thrown. SO even when he is clean, he still really doesn't look it. He does have 2 socks on his back legs so I scrubbed and scrubbed those. He also hates to have his face washed so I have to take a wet sponge and kind of trick him into it. AFter he was all rinshed off I scraped him and let him dry in the sun. I then proceded to clean and oil all of my tack, I also watched everyone else riding in preparation of the show. I got my hay nets and tack all packed. Put a sheet on Possum to keep him clean and sutned him back out. SO while everyone else was braiding he was all set, thanks for the roaching of the mane!

Set the alarm for 3:45AM Sunday morning. Took a shower and dressed and let the dogs out and headed to the barn. Possum was ready, coming to the gate and standing in the barn while I surveyed the dirt damage. It looked pretty good except for a small spot on his hind end. I brushed and put some Show Sheen on it and it came out pretty good. Braided his forelock put on a clean sheet and wrapped his legs and we were ready to go. He literally jumped into the trailer to assume his normal position in the left front.

When we got to the show it was kind of a race from the beginning since we were the first classes of the day in ring 2. I had someone go put my entries in while I unloaded and dressed and then started to tack up Possum. I got on and started our warm-up which he was great for. I could tell he was on top of his game and keyed up. He loves the grass arena and the larger striding between jumps at this show. Then we took a quick break for some water and visiting and then it was show time. I was beyond proud of my guy yesterday. He was only a little quick especially on one diagonal line going towards home he turned up the speed and I had to hold him back. But he was attacking the course. And not once throughout the entire day did I have to do a lead change, he was landing on every single correct lead and got the correct number of strides throughout all of the courses. We did have a little blooper in one of our last classes. It was the second jump and the first in a line I asked for a longer spot and he was either not paying attention and misjudged it because he acted like he was going to take off, then heisitated and did this aweful bunny hop, knocking the top rail off and almost unseating me. But I gathered up the reins and sat back and on we went for the rest of our course like nothing had ever happened. The last class of the day for us however he was getting a little tired and when he's tired his jumps tend to get a little flat. He rubbed a couple of rails and when I asked for a little go in the corner instead of lifting himself up and using the power from his hind end, it was like he would flatten out and grab fo the ground with his front end. A sure sign that Possum was geting tired so that was understandable. SO he was a star for the day. We got a first in the first jumping class and then a second and a third and fourths and fifths on the flat. Possum is not the typical big free shouldered long strided hunter horse, so in the flat he doesn't always pin that great, which is fine. I was just happy for all the good rounds and how much effort he gave it and really listened and did his job well.

SO I untacked him at 11AM, gave him some hay and water and a good rub down and some treats and lots of pats and hugs. SOmeone even came up to us and sad that they could really tell that we work well as a team and was glad that we were back showing. They said that they could see the intensity in Possum's eyes once he locked on a jump, I just laughed. SO I stayed and watched for a while and then left. The barn owner was going to load and unload him when they got back and in return I'm going up tonight to clean out the trailer. I went home and let the dogs out and played with them for a bit. I went to "G's" and we got a movie and then went to a local restaurant for some early dinner. I felt like I was 80 years old getting dinner at 4P, but it wasn't crowded and the food was excellent. Got to my apartment and watched the movie and had snacks and tried to keep my eyes open. AFter the movie dozed off and my roomate came home at 9P. I was so tired that I went pee, brushed my teeth and then went back to bed.

Thinga with "G" and I are going really well. All I have to say is that this weekend he really had an eye opener with his drinking and has vowed to stop forever and do whatever it takes like rehab, counseling, groups or whatever. I just hope that he is really serious about this and I will support him in any way that he needs. Fingers crossed! So off to work and definately lots of it. Really think that I need to plan a little vacation soon. I'm starting to feel burnt out and need a little time to just hang out and chill. Thinking of taking a long weekend around my birthday which is August 7th. Maybe do a day trip or something for fun with "G". We'll see.

So the show was a blast. I don't have any pics yet, but will post some as they become available to me. Have a great day everyone.


Stephanie said...

Glad you had a good time - see I knew you would kick butt!

Leah Fry said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the pix!

20 meter circle of life said...

Wooo Hoooo! good job!!! Gotta love a good show. Thanks for coming by 20 meter. My other horse is very bit sensitive as well, we ride him in a hackamore now.