Thursday, July 24, 2008

wishing I were at the barn kind of day.....

This is my best friend in the whole world. This is Phineous, Phin, Phinney Butt, Muffin Man and Phin Man. This was taken a couple of years ago. He's put on a little weight since then after now having Lyme disease, but he's still my cutie. One of his ears doesn;t stand up all teh way now after having an abcess it killes some of the cartiledge. But I still think he is handsome!

These pics of Possum was last year acting as my pack mule. I was cleaning up the arena of jumps stuff and decided to wrap snow fencing around him and load him with pine boughs. He never even flinced and happily carried them from the ring to the trash pile. Please do not try this at home hehehe.

Possum and I this spring jumping our hearts out.


The Knutson's said...

Well hello fellow social worker!!! OK...I cannot technically call myself a social worker yet, but I am a social work major.

I was enjoying your conversation with Pony Girl about Appy manes, tails, and forelocks. I have never had an Appy, but one of my good friends did, and I shared in her frustration :)

It looks like you and Possum are awesome pun intended..get it...awesome and Possum rhyme? Sorry!! I love jumping, or at least I used to, and plan to get back into it in a couple of years...when I have the time.


Stephanie said...

Ha! I saw your picture and was wondering if you took up horseback hunting and was try to camouflage Possum!

Now lay low Possum and be bery bery quiet so we can catch the wabbit.

lol :)

MET said...

Hi there - just wanted to say hi. I'm finally back to reading blogs, so I just spent a few minutes catching up on yours.

Hope things are going okay at the office. I miss you all.

Mary Ellen

20 meter circle of life said...

OMG if I did that to Booster I would have to put out an APB. We would most likely find him a few states over.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LMAO at your pack mule, omg that is too cool! Your doggie Phin is pretty cute too!

Serena said...

My favorite thing about your jumping picture, besides your AWESOME release, is the turkey in the background. Here in Idaho we eat those. :)