Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

Had a great weekend although it wasn't very horsey. Friday night after work I went home and let the dogs out and played with them for a while. I then went to "G's" house to drop them off while I went to the fair to throw a frying pan! I actually had a good time. I met my parents there and walked around a little and looked at some animals, this is a very small fair.

Then it came to the skillet throw. They have different age groups. My first throw was 47 feet and my second was 56ft. I ended up winning my age group by over 10ft. In the years past they used to have the winners of each age group compete each other but they didn't this year which was a bummer. My mom ended up getting 3rd in her age group.

So I went to "G's" and spent the night. We hung out and went to bed early and I slept in while he had to get up early and go to work. I went to my old trainers house/barn that I took my first riding lesson at. She was just coming back from bringing a bunch of kids to ride in a parade. We visited for a while and caught up on old times. She's strictly a dressage person and I jump so we have a lot to talk about. I then went to the barn cause Possum was going to have his feet done. But there was an emergency and one of the draft horses had foundered so I helped the farrier wrap his feet and put him on foam for added comfort. An energy specialist was at the barn and also did some work with the draft and it really seemed to help a lot. He is doing better now, but everyone's worst nightmare is having a draft horse founder, not very good. PLease send out good thoughts to him.

It was also over 90 degrees and Molly doesn't do well in heat and humidity. So after leaving the barn and not riding I bought a slice of pizza and the dogs and I went home to watch TV and sit in the air conditioning. I then got some great news by phone call.

My mom called and said that the results of my CADC test had come in the mail (drug and alcohol counselor test) and asked if I wanted to know them. I was a little weary because I did NOT get a good feeling when I left the testing center 40 days ago and was just glad to be out of there. 3 hrs of sitting in a stuffy room trying to concentrate and think is a hard thing for me. So she asked if I was sitting down and I said no but go for it. She said the first word was congratulations! I almost dropped to the floor. I kept asking her if she was kidding and that this was a cruel joke. She read that I had passed and will be getting my Maine CADC license in the mail soon!!!! I couldn't believe it. This could open so many doors for me for my future and get me one step closer to where I want to be. Yippee! So to celebrate, "G" and his friend and myself went to a local restaurant and pigged out. Then went home and got a few movies and fell asleep at my place. It was exactly the weekend I needed, just vegging and relaxing and visiting.

The next day "G" and I decided to go to the mall shopping and use some of our Christmas gift gift cards. I got quite a few things that I thought were really cute. I havn't bought myself clothes in over a year! It's amazing all the things we buy for our horses and supplies but civilian clothes, what is that!? We went to a great little Mexican restaurant and had a good meal and I ended up taking most of mine home cause I was stuffed on all the chips and salsa before the meal arrived. "G" and I went to my place and watched a movie and I washed all of our new clothes and then went to bed fairly early. It was a nice peaceful weekend and I'm sad that it's over now. I'm planning on riding tonight cause I totally slacked this weekend due to the heat and his loose hind shoe. Today is a little cooler so I need to get motivated.

Also to add "G" is now 9 days totally sober and going strong. He has made the decision to quit drinking all together and never touch the stuff again. I'm really praying for him and his strength just amazes me. He's one of those people if he puts his mind to it can do almost anything. I hope he keeps up the good work and I am very proud of him. With the drinking aspect gone I can really see a bright future for us. Just taking it one day at a time here. Have a great day everyone.


Samphony said...

Congratulations on your exam!! Things are looking brighter & brighter everyday for you, Molly! See you soon.....

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the exam and the frying pan throw!

Too bad you didn't have the chance to kick everyone's butt huh?

Anyway glad things are going well with you and G too - I am feeling better about been holding my breath saying "please let it work out for her this one time..." so I am letting my breath out and cautiously breathing better :)

Thanks for the riding tips - does that trainer have a book / DVD or video of some kind?

sidetracked said...

Yea, George Morris has many books and videos and every month he has a critique article in Practical Horsemen of pictures people send in. He can be harsh sounding and sometimes appear mean but he is the know all of the hunter jumper world and a wealth of information.

20 meter circle of life said...

Wow it sounds like a BIG win weekend for you.
Hope all is well for the Draft and hope you have a good ride.
Be careful those dressage types have a way of rubbing off on people.

Leah Fry said...

Sounds like you had a red letter weekend all the way around. If the counseling doesn't get through to them, smack 'em with a skillet!

Seriously, congratulations!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

OK, my poor dog would have a fit if she saw that watermelon with all the scary carvings- LOL :-)

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

also congrats on that frying pan toss, what did you win? and congrats on the exam- 40 days later, wow, you had to wait, I hate waiting.

Pony Girl said...

Yep, seems like lately all I spend my money on is more gear for my horse, nothing for me! ;)

Congrats on the exam pass!!

I like the moose pond pics of you and Possum! ;) I bet he was wishing he could go for a swim!

sidetracked said...

For the skillet throw I just won a blue ribbon. In years past they even had a big plaque, but this year the fair was under new management.

As for the dressage people 20m circle, I used to ride strictly dressage for 8 years. I think of dressage as eating your vegetables. You may not alwasy like it, but it's good for the rider and horse. Makes you strong and healthy and get the most out of your body. I got to the point in my dressage career to either move up the levels or branch off and do something different, I decided to ride hunters and equitationusing all of my dressage basics and skills. I think dressage should be the basis of all riding up to first level and then people can do another discipline if they want. JMO.