Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Show Time!

Headed out to the barn last night after my counselors appt which went very well by the way. Got Possum all groomed and tacked up and out in the ring. He warmed up great and I did a lot of dressage basics to supple him. Did lots of shoulder-in, 10 meter trot circles, leg yielding and transitions. Then we dove into some of the jumping. He was actually really good. Trotting jumps is not his favorite and it's not mine either but we did really well. He was not racey hardly at all. He was getting both flying changes perfectly. He did feel a little flat to me and I think that's just maybe him not in tip top shape after having quite a few days off. He was a very good boy and I made sure to tell him that.

My roomate also came out to ride her mare and they had the best ride I have ever seen them have, it was a really refreshing night. The weather was also prefect. Most of the humidity had left the air and it was crisp and clean feeling with blue sky all around. Possum was happy to return to his paddock since a new round bale had just been delivered. You have to see my horse and round bales. He loves on them, rubs on it, and will even sleep standing up with his head buried in the middle of it. He really loves his food for sure. Not sure if he was always like this or if this is a result of his abusive and starved past. Either way he loves his food!

Last night I get a text pretty late from "G" saying that he's going home and someone is giving him a ride. I call him and sure enough he is drunk. He gets into this argument with me about how he did the right thing by getting a ride and all this shit. I tell him that the really smart thing would be not to pick up a drink at all. He then hung up and still continued to text me. I've made the decision after talking to my friend as well that I am not going to talk to him or see him when he has been drinking. He turns into a different and somewhat hateful person who puts the blame on everyone else except himself. Alcoholism is something that I really don't want in my life. I understand if he wants to work on it and get some help, but he keeps falling back into the same hole because he thinks he can do it all on his own. It's so hard to see someone you love throw their life away like that. I know it's a very hard addiction to overcome, but I have enough on my plate now and don't need his problems put on me, That's all I'm gonna say about the issue.

So today Possum has the day off to chill. I'm probably gonna clean the apartment and hopefully clean my tack if I can find all my soap and leather conditioner amidst all the mess. Don't really know if I'll see "G" tonight or not. He took thte day off to do garage stuff which usually equals drinking so I'm unsure of it all. Going to sleep in tomorrow. Go to the barn, pack hay nets, gallop Possum down the trail which is our normal pre-show routine, bathe him and pack all of my stuff. My horse absolutely loves to gallop. I'm glad because I also love galloping. It calms him down and causes him to focus better. He never gets hot. I can gallop for a mile and then pull him up and walk on a long rein the whole way home. He's really good about that and doesn't get crazy in the head, but when he wants to go he lets me know. He has his favorite trail which is almost 3 miles long which we hand gallop the whole way. On the dirt road, through the woods, jumping ditches and up over hills and then on the side road all the way back to the barn. It's his favorite loop and is also a really good endurance builder. We may do that trail since it makes him happy. He really is a good guy and I think we communicate well with each other. I know he'll be excited to go to the show and our classes are first thing in the morning so we won't have to have our usual wait around time. Warm-up is at 7AM and our first class starts at 8AM, yippee!

I'll post all the results on Monday of how it went. I hope to have a positive report about the whole thing! So everyone enjoy the weekend and your four and two legged friends. Enjoy them while you can because things never last forever and spend as much time as you can together. Have a safe and happy weekend.
P.S.- This is not Possum and I in the pic above, we are much faster than this horse hehehe.


Pony Girl said...

Thats great you and Possum gallop! I have never done that on my gelding. I have a hard enough time just keeping him going at a lope! ;)
Did you ever see G? Sounds like an interesting situation. You definitely need to do what is best and healthy for you.
Good luck at the show, can't wait to hear how it goes!

sidetracked said...

Thanks Pony Girl,

I have not seen G" since Wednesday, althouth he has been corresponding with me through text messages today and is all lovey and stuff. We'll see what the day brings. I can't wait till the show though on Sunday and nothing is going to bring me down, I get to spend a day riding my horse and hanging with friends and cheering everyone on, nothing better than that!

Stephanie said...

Good luck at the show!

Sounds like your all ready and organized - something that I am good at while home but something that alludes me while at shows.

So have fun and kick some butt with your jumping Appy!

20 meter circle of life said...

Have a great show

Stephanie said...

Did I mention you should kick some ass? You should.

But even if you don't have fun!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love to gallop too. No place near here to do that but it sure would be fun.