Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Productive Day Yesterday

How dirty I felt yesterday! No I am not in this picture.
Not Possum but an equally dirty horse. Althouth Possum's expression was more of joy than this horse.

So after I basically ran out of work, and yes I do that sometimes just to get away. I went home and gathered all of the dogs, my two and my roomates Shepherd and headed to the barn. It was pouring and I wasn't sure about riding since I knew Possum was going to be soaking wet since he loves to just stand and roll in the rain and mud. Sure enough after I let the dogs out to play and do their thing this horse came to the fence looking like a bay gelding. It was Possum totally covered and caked in mud from head to toe. His fly mask had dirt all in it and I could hardly recognize him. Remind you it was pouring but I decided at that moment that I was going to atleast hose him off because he was so dirty it was embarassing. What if someone came to the barn who didn't know us and thought that this horse neglected because he hadn't seen a brush and was very dirty.

So I put him cross ties, stripped off his fly mask and hauled the hose outside. His ears were pricked and he looked very proud of himself until he figured out that he was getting a bath and then the appy-tude came out. But I think he understood because he was literally covered in mud. SO after I got completely soaked in the rain and hose water I scraped him off and put him in the barn isle with some hay and took his halter off. I was feeling very motivated. The rain was letting up so I washed his fly mask and halter in a bucket with soap while he munched away. As the rain was letting up a rainbow appeared over the farm and then it turned into a double. There are literally tons of rainbows at the farm every time it rains. It was really pretty. I then packed all of my dirty saddle pads and put them in the car to be washed at home. Loaded up the now wet and dirty dogs and put Possum back out in his paddock to eat dinner. Drove home let the dogs out in the garage since they were gross. Put the pads in the wash. Went uptairs and did some vacuuming and cleaning and decided to give my two dogs a bath. They are always really good but never enjoy the bathing process. I swear after their bath I think all of their dirt just transferred to me.

I then washed the entire bathroom and wiped everything down so it was sparkling clean. Took a quick shower myself and changed the laundry and washed towels and hung my horse stuff on the clothesline in the basement. Also got a note on the door that the funeral home is having visiting hrs on Wednesday from 5-8 so I need to make sure the dogs do not bother a single person and keep their pretty little mouths shut. I collapsed into bed, ate mexican leftovers and finished watching "Out of Africa" one of my favorites that I havn't seen in literally 10 years. "G" came over and crawled into bed and went to sleep and I stayed up and cried at the movie and then went to bed. Everyone needs a good cry one in a while and it's been probably like a month since I've bawled so it was high time. I slept really good perhaps knowing that I was productive and got a lot done atleast at home last night.

Weather is calling for the next few days to be rainy. This kind of weather just makes me want to sleep and veg. Depending on what it's doing when I get out of work I may try and ride since it feels like forever since I've ridden.

Is riding like a bike? do you just go right back to doing it or can you forget and backslide and loose balance and timing? I better give myself a kick in the ass so I don't have to figure that out. Have a great day everyone.


Mrs Mom said...

Holy Mudbog Sidetracked!!! Next time ya put up a pic like that, we need a warning label! LMAO... I about spit my water all over the keyboard when I saw that...hehehe

Sounds like you still have one heckuva toss there too! ;)

Stephanie said...

Finally found time to check up on ya....

Nice picture - I can always count on you to find some odd picture that cause me to make a face that attracts all kinds of attention matter where I am..he he and this one was good.

I will usually backslide when I take breaks from riding but I have noticed only to a certain level and the more I have ridden and the more I have learned the less I will backslide.