Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can things ever be too good??

I'm really wrestling with this idea in my mind lately. I had another great night last night. I took the dogs to the barn and got Possum out and made him all pretty. It was another sweltering day and just moving made you break out in a sweat. Possum had sweat on his neck from just standing out in the pasture! I tacked him up and we had a decent ride. Not bad for not having a real serious ride in a while. Gave him a good cool hosing afterwards and let him out to eat grass and then gave him his grain after. I think he knows there is a show this weekend. So I hung out for a while and watched another lesson and visited with people and didn't leave until after 9P.

I then got a text from "G" asking if I was coming over to his house. I said no because I needed to make my bed which I had just washed, also take a shower and eat something. I asked if he wanted to come over and he said yes after he took a shower. So I went home and made my bed comfy took a shower and had a couple hot dogs for dinner. "G" came over and played with the dogs for a while and got comfortable in the bed. Few minutes later he is sound asleep. I thought it was really cute. I finished watching a Dateline on a guy who lives with wild bears and went to sleep.

Things have just been so good lately that I'm afraid that it's all going to come tumbling down. I have a counselor appt tomorrow and I'm going to bring that up with her. Possum is doing well, my dogs are great, my cat has settled in and things with "G" are better than ever. "G" even invited me to lunch with him today at a local restaurant because I was working in the area. I love my new apartment. Sometimes I just don't know how to handle it.

My one concern is that "G" has another competition with trucks on the same day as my horse show. I hope that he behaves and I have shared this fear with him. He tells me that I have nothing to worry about, I hope so! But I am looking forward to my favorite show of the year and if Possum and I are on that day it's going to be great. We have a big crew like 10 plus of us from our barn going so it's always a blast!!!

So I'm working late tonight to try and catch up on some mounting paperwork and then not sure what I'm doing after. It's literally almost 100 degrees and I don't do well in heat. I'm thinking where I can bring myself and the dogs to a dog friendly beach somewhere in town. We'll see and just play it by ear. SO keeping my fingers and toes and anything else crossed that this good streak of mine is going to last.


Anonymous said...

I live on the other side of the world from you but must admit your personality strikes a cord with mine. I truly hope you find what you are searching for to make you 'ok' but from experience another person will never fill all your emotional needs. I have been where you are emotionally but I had the benefit of having a pretty well grounded best friend who called me on my bullshit.
The good times are so great but equally the bad times are really bad.

Anonymous said...

It's not a beach, but (from your place) take a right onto Rt 11 - and on the right before the bridge - you can go to the boat launch you can let the dogs to swim. The road is close so you are going to have to have good voice control over them. Our dogs used to love to "fetch" in the water on those really hot days.
Good luck at your show!
Glad things are healing well with "G".