Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick Post, Busy Day

I see dead people...........................visiting hrs at the funeral home today

Don't have a lot of time to write but wanted to check in. Went to the barn last night after work. Took my two dogs and myself cause the weather held out and wasn't raining. Possum was again covered in mud. I brushed and curried the best I could and he somewhat resembled an appaloosa again. Tacked him up and out we went in the outdoor. It wasn't as hot but it sure was muggy so even the slightest movement made me pour sweat.

Possum warmed up really nice both directions. Worked some on our flying changes which is really coming along. The jumps were very tiny, about 18in but we trotted and played around with them and I made courses with really tight turns. Possum is not the best with tight turns so it was really good for him and he did really well. I was very proud of my guy. Unsaddled him and then walked the loop with him in hand which is the front driveway to the back driveway, about a half mile or so. The dogs decided to join us. After our ride it was really cooling off and felt great. I fed him his grain and turned him back out just in time for hay feeding.

I also got the 2 pictures yesterday that I ordered of Moonshine and I from a horse show taken by a professional photographer. They came out really nice. If I can get anyone to scan them I'll post them. She looks so nice and my position is correct.

So left the barn last night, went home and took a shower and took myself and the dogs to "G's" house. We have our first visiting hrs today at the funeral home so I want to make the dogs scarce. My roomie is also taking her dog to a friends for the day. So the dogs are staying at "G'sG for the day and I'll pick them up and take them to my parents house tonight so I can wash and vacuum my car and have a free dinner, yummy!

"G" and I are doing really well. It's been 11 days sober and he's still going strong. He's much nicer and thoughtful and calmer. I stayed the night last night and he was all lovey and sweet this morning. he even made dinner last night for the 2 of us and cleaned and vacuumed his house. Who is this guy and where did the ASS go to??! I like the real "G". Hope everyone has a good day. Supposed to be kinda rainy and cloudy today, I have a lot of work to do so hopefully the day will fly by.

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