Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why I Love My Horse

My horse is great. It seems that the more years pass we get to be closer and closer. My roomate and I went to the barn last night because she also has a breeding stock paint mare there as well. We piled the 3 dogs and the 2 of us and headed the 12 miles out. Possum came right up to me in the paddock and gladly came into the barn isle to be cross tied. I groomed, picked and clipped him for almost an hr. He stood stock still while I did his ears and legs and his whiskers. It was almost as if he knew he was getting ready for a show.

Then my friend and I got on bareback and played in the putdoor arena. Possum is always funny when you first get on bareback. He likes to play with me and hump his back up especially when cantering and do these carousel little bucks. It feels like we're hopping around the area and then he settles right down, but it always makes me laugh while trying to pull his head up from between his front legs. he always knows how to add a little personailty into everything. So we played around on the flat and decided to jump some lines that were about 2'6". He was great, the striding was perfect and we were getting all flying changes in the corners. It was so fun just riding my horse bareback in shorts and barefeet and feeling his whole body. I could tell that he had a lot of fun too, he was literally smiling and looked very proud of himself.

So tonight hopefully if it cools off any I'll attempt a ride with real clothes and a saddle on. Last week I burnt the back side of my leg getting off a motorcycle (I know, stupid!) and it is still pretty sore and the blisters have popped on one side of the burn. SO I don't know how boots and chaps will do but I'll try it.

So I gave him a quick brushing after and then put on his fly mask and sprayed him and let him out to eat his dinner. As we were driving down the driveway on our way home I yelled to him and he perked his head up as he always does. He really is a good boy and I love him. He may be an ugly nasty, non athletic 15.3 hand mutt but he's all mine and I know that horse would do anything that I ask him and that is a great feeling. Everyone always says that we make a good pait and I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult hehehe. Have a great day everyone. Above is a picture slightly exhagerated of a horse bucking like Possum.


Laura said...

I'm envious of your bareback riding skills!! I fall off even when I have a saddle lol

I don't think you can call your poor Possum "unathletic" - the guy can jump 4'6"!!!!

sidetracked said...

I find that riding bareback really strengthens those muscles a little bit more than with relying on stirrups. I love his canter bareback but his trot is literally like a jack hammer.

Possum is marginally athletic, what he doesn't have in physical talent he makes up in sheer heart and determination.

He's one of those horses that you have to get the bigger jumps just right. Getting him to the perfect spot for his striding and way of jumping is going to build his confidence and promote strength and courage. SOmetimes I am not alwyas perfect with getting him to the perfect spot. An athletic horse could really jump it from anywhere close and save the rider, but a horse like Possum you need to be right on or disaster could happen. He'll give his all if I get him to it correctly. We learn a lot of this together and then when I get on another horse it seems like cake!

Leah Fry said...

There is something primal about a girl riding her horse bareback, isn't there? There is no other feeling like it! It's as if their power flows through you and your love flows through them. It's all so DIRECT, for lack of a batter term.

I'm not great bareback either, but it's so good for your balance.

Stephanie said...

I used to be a great bareback rider. As a kid out of laziness I think I rode bareback a ton. Galloped all round, never jumped - but my instructor made me do that without stirrups plenty of times, I think I could've.

I hoped on Stretch bareback one and he stepped around all confused and kind of looked like he was saying "icky! get off!" and like he thought that was way too much leg when I would cue him. So I hopped off (and because my trainer came around the corner and I was busted).

He believes when you get on a show horse it needs to be all business all the time - or they think its okay to play or not be as serious in the show pen. Can't say I agree 100% but I usually follow his rules while riding at his barn without too much complaint.

Anonymous said...

As a kid I usually rode bareback and I think your right then it was laziness or feeling like I don't need a saddle why put it on. Jumped, ran, swam, herded cattle anything went. Fast forward 20 years..... if there were a saddle made with a seatbelt I would buy it. :)

Rock on sidetracked!