Wednesday, June 4, 2008

busy week

Hey everyone, I survived the night at my parents house hehehe. Had the vet come out to the barn to do shots last night. We did 14 horses and it seemed like it took FOREVER! Possum was great as usual and got his normal round of shots and coggins so now we're ready to hit the show road hard. Also got my dog Phin up to date he needed his Lyme test and a parvo shot so got everything done in one fell swoop. OK, so I texted "G" only like twice and it was casual goodnight and to tell him how Phin did with the vet and how he didn't try to tear his head off which has happened before at the vets. They have a nice little muzzle at our regular vet just for him. Other than that, No contact. Had a good counselor meeting last night, was able to bring the dogs with me and they just chilled while we talked. It was good to be grounded again and talk about some things and get some clarity.

Have a very busy work week, think I already said that, but it's been crazy and I'm smack in the middle of it. Going to ride Moonshine tonight, promise! I had every intention last night but then the vet showed up and we got new footing for the outdoor arena and that was being spread so all the jumps were taken down. Then tomorrow I'm excited cause I'm going to a neighbors house to ride one of her endurance arabs. I've ridden with her before and her horses are a blast. Now I'm not a big arab fan, but I love taking them down the trail bouncing from one side to another. I just tell everyone that you need to put your arab brain on when you ride them. Know that their going to look at that rock, or spook to the left near the sign etc...Their very good for developing a good seat with movement, spins or backing at a moments notice and the better you are at it the sooner you can catch and prevent any funny business from going on. So I'm excited about that. Today is hump day and this weekend I need to study for my certified drug and alcohol counselor test which I take on Friday the 13th, of all days it had to be that one! I hope it brings me luck. I have to do stalls Saturday and then going to a friends highschool graduation party, she has an appy at our barn and is a great girl. Also need to ride Moonshine again this weekend, so going to be busy and hopefully fun filled.

Wanted to add a picture today that was taken at our last show 2 weeks ago. It was me riding Moonshine over little tiny jumps. Please disregard the sunglasses, I forgot and left them on while I was doing my course, oops. Have a great day everyone.


Stephanie said...

Bravo on your efforts to stay clear of "G" - maybe give this a try -considering your job you probably know where it comes from.

When ever you think of him train yourself to think of something else - something you like that makes you feel good. After a little bit of seeing something that reminds you of "G" then making yourself think of "insert someone or something you like here" you will automatically just think of the new thing - helping you move on.

Its time that will help. I was just told the other day to "Cowgirl" up myself, and I did it was almost an automatic response but later I was like "hey! I wasn't being that big of a baby...." So if I smart off and make you mad, say so - of course that's not my intension.

sidetracked said...

Ofcourse I'm not mad Stephanie. That is one of the reasons for this blog, to put my thoughts down and get some feedback on how and why I'm feeling certain ways and ofcourse to entertain the internet world. I do whish you were closer, it would be nice to actually sit down and chat over a beer or something hehehe.