Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Don't have much time but wanted to check in and let everyone know that I had a grrrreat weekend. I am officially all moved into the funeral home apartment. It was exhausting and rainy but I'm comfortable and semi-unpacked. My bedroom set is being delivered Wednesday which I am so excited about. My room will be complete then and all my own. The dogs have also settled in well and are currently asleep on the king size bed with the down comforter in my room with the fan on. They have the life, I could walk a day in their paws for sure and be well rested and happy.

Friday night "G" asked if I wanted to go to his mothers for his brothers birthday party/dinner. I agreed and it ended up bbeing reall well despite breaking our no talking rule fo a week. It was good to see everyone and talk and laugh. "G" was all smiles and giving me those little glances. I ended up leaving after midnight. "G" and I exchanged a nice hug and just held onto each other for a few minutes. He informed me that he missed me and was glad that I stopped by. He asked if he could call me tomorrow after I move, I said sure.

So Saturday I got up super early to finish packing and then went to a small local game show near my town to watch some riders at out barn let loose and have some fun. I had a blast. I even ended up riding two horses and got 1st in adult barrels and DQ'd from the keyhole, neither of these horses had done this before so it was fun. The in the afternoon and early evening moved all of my stuff in one van and car load. Got pizza afterwards and then my roomate had to take a nap cause she hd to work that night. "G" called and asked if I wanted to come hang out at the garage he was welding at. I agreed and took the dogs and hung out. I had 2 beers and so didn;'t he and then he stopped drinking. We hung out and talked. After he was done I asked if he wanted to see the new place and he agreed. He came over and we talked some more. He told me that he's really sure he wants to be with me. That he has been confused lately and his drinking has been out of control. He said that this convenient store girl is just a friend to him and he has no feelings toward sher despite trying to earlier. We both agreed to take it slow with our main priorities being ourselves. He ended up staying over because we both fell asleep. It was nice to be held again by the good "G". It was comfortable and I even get the little butterflies when I see him now. We got up Sunday and got a quick breakfast and went our seperate ways.

The barn part was a BLAST!! Despite the rain we had a lot of fun. Lots of people, foood and games. Possum was great and it was fun to ride my own horse. When I get pics from people I'll let you know more.

Went home fairly early last night and veggged. Took a shower and laid in bed and "G" came over and we watched a move and again fell asleep. This time I was totally dead to the world. He got up early to go home and shower and go to work. I got ready and took the dogs out and am working half a day today cause I have unpacking still to do, need an oil change and have to go back to my parents house to get my cat.

I'm really happy right now and "G" has already texted me to have a good day and is being really sweet. Only time will tell now but I am hopeful that he will do thw work with himself. Have a great day everyone. Have lots to do before I leave.
The pic above is Possum and I sharing a quick kiss. My friend snuck up on us to take the picture.

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Stephanie said...

Glad you had a fun weekend - and I am so glad you are moved in and liking it.

I thought about this weekend hoping you were moved in and safe.

I am cautiously excited for you and "G" - but on your side as most of us are, if you are happy we are happy.

Stay independent - keep your new apartment and enjoy what life has handed you, it can change at any moment...