Friday, June 27, 2008

This and That

I first have to start out by saying that I am feeling a little anxious because my friend called me this morning, the one I am moving in with. She is a cop and got a call from one of "G's" friends last night who she had been "involved" with about a month ago. He called her obviously drunk at 12:40P and asked why she hadn't called him blah blah blah. He said he was at his house in the garage and "G" was also there. My friend said that she could obviously tell that the guy was drunk on the phone. She said that after she hung up with him "G" texted her and said that he hoped she didn't mind but he gave his friend her number. The anxious part for me is that what is "G" doing up at 12:40P when he has to work at 7AM the next day and was he as drunk as his friend? My first reaction was to immediately call him and see what was up. But I made my rational brain kick in. He is a big boy, he's an adult and I am not his mother. We have agreed to not speak or see each other for 1 week and I need to honor that. Plus, if things are ever going to work with us and for himself he needs to be the one to do it and not because I have nagged him about it. I'm trying to sit back and relax and focus on myself this morning and hope that he made some good decisions last night, but I'm refusing to become too emotinally invested just to be hurt or let down again. Bottom line is I care for him very much and really love him when he's straight. But I also need to care for myself and not put myself in harms way. I had to figure all my shit out on my own and by myself and take responsibility and he needs to as well regardless of where I stand. Phew! I feel better now just getting that out.

One of the TB mares at the barn foaled early yesterday morning. A beautiful little bay filly was the result. She is a perch/TB cross and going to be really nice I can tell. That's all of the babies for the year and they have their own paddock outside the indoor that I call the nursery where they can eat grass and run around and snooze in the sun.

I went through all of my stuff last night throwing out anything that was trash or I didn't need. I think I'm ready to move. I have to pack the clothes that I have in my bedroom and the other little things but other than that it shouldn't take too long. There is a little local game show that some of the kids at the barn are going to which is only a few minutes from my parents house onSaturday and I hope to go and watch a little before my dad gets out of work at noon with a truck to help haul stuff over to the apartment. I'm really excited about having my own place which is close to work and living with my friend and being independent and being able to take the dogs to the barn every day. They will definately appreciate it!

Stephanie- The picture at the top is for you. This was our 4'6" jump at the Christmas party this past December. It was like 20 degrees out and almost dark. I was very proud of my meat market horse. And FYI he ALWAYS has his ears back when jumping. He is very concentrated on what he is doing and intense like he is attacking the jumps. Also note that I do not have a helmet on. I had every intention of wearing one and even brought it down and totally forgot to put it on cause I was so nerved up. My horse is a 15.3H rescue appy that was green broke when I got him at 8yrs old who had been starved and abused with many mental issues. This is us almost 5 years later and I'm so proud of all the progress that he has made. He would really do anything that I ask him to.


Stephanie said...

Wow! I love it! How cool!

If you get the chance this weekend - WITH a helmet - don't turn down the 4'9" option, do it for me - little hunt seat girl trapped in the western riding capital of the US, that's secretly wishes she could still jump.

Have a great weekend. Good job not calling "G" you're correct he is a big boy and big boys sometimes make bad decision and they know they have done so without us reminding them (most of the time) so you did good!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

OMG that fence is HUGE! Well ridden... I tense up going over ground poles these days :-p