Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good ride and staying strong

After a very stressful day at work yesterday I raced to the barn, got changed and got Moonshine ready for a ride. The owner instructed me that young and sometimes inexperienced riders had been riding her lately and letting her coast around and that she really needed work on a nice forward walk and work on not wiggling so much and moving her forward into the bridle. At first she was a wiggle worm, resisting the pressure, taking short choppy steps and just all over the place. After a solid 20 minutes of a good warm up in all three gaits with transitions, serpentines and circles she was finally starting to come around. She was using her back, stretching forward into the bridle and taking those big girl strides (she's 16.3H) Attempted some flying changes and she was getting the front but not her hind end, looks like we need to do some more pole work, she has the general idea but just needs to strengthen herself and become better coordinated.

Ended the ride jumping a single jump at 2'9" over and over from different directions. More for me to get used to her striding and spots and to ger her used to jumping a little higher than normal since she usually does not go over 2'6". She did really well and even another girl at the barn commented on how nice she was moving and looked. She felt great, responsive to the aids, right between my legs and seat, collected and listening and lifting her back. Ended the ride on a good note, gave her lots of pats and praise, groomed her up and then gave her her dinner and tucked her in her stall for the night.

Now for the Men part of this blog. "G" had texted me while I was riding to say that he was not mad at me, but if we are going to be texting anymore we are going to have to up our plan (we are on a share talk plan together now) As I was leaving the barn I told him OK and that I was going home, He texted back and said that he was at his friends garage where his Harley is stored and asked if I wanted to stop by for a few. This is the dilemma folks, do I just drive on by and be a bitch? do I show up and display my strength of not being able to be sucked in, what do I do? I'm sure you could all guess that I stopped in. I was wet because it was misty and raining wearing half chaps, paddock boots and jeans with a torn sweatshirt and spurs, looking really hot if I do say so (sarcasm). "G" was all nicey nicey and kept trying to lock eyes with me with a grin, I was having none of it and concentrated on the guy who was polishing the chrome on "G's" bike. "G" then asked me what was wrong and if I was mad at him. I casually said that it was a long day, had a good but tiring ride was wet and cold and ready to go to bed. I then picked up a beer and started to sip it to not only improve the casual picture, but also to help take the edge off of the day. Had casual conversation for about 30 minutes and then I said that I had to leave. "G" said that he was leaving too. So to avoid the awkward walk to our cars together I said that I had to pee and would not squat outside so had to hurry home. Said by to "G" and his friend and basically raced out the door into my car and drove away. That was it! I was strong, was not playing his locking eyes game, but not being a bitch and then deciding when it was time for me to leave. I feel good about the exchange, I feel strong, independent and like I have control of the steering wheel here.

So driving into work this morning I did not text or call him, nor did my phone ring from his end either. I'm being strong. I have another long day at work but have a nice trailride to look forward to. Going to a friends house to ride one of her arabs with a group of people for a 10 mile ride, so that should be fun.

Attached a picture of Moonshine and I last year jumping a 3'6" oxer. Don't mind my roached back. At this point this was the highest she had jumped. She really is a nice horse with a ton of potential.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I agree - muscles over fat is better. But that much muscle is SCARY!!!


Laura said...

Hi - thanks for the comment on my blog.

I did a quick read of your last few posts - it sounds like you are doing great with your horses and riding and not so great with G!

Be careful there - you don't want to continue getting hurt! Someone that calls you names sounds like someone who could do other rotten things. Just my 2 cents, though.