Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleepy Tuesday

Even though I have gotten plenty of sleep the past few days I still feel so damn tired! I think maybe it has to do with the rainy and cloudy weather, but whatever it is it's making me want to sleep all fricken day.

So anyways, after work my friend and I went to look at the apartment above the funeral home. It's perfect!!! It's nice and big, there's a washer and dryer, one HUGE bedroom and one regular size one. A dining room, kitchen, big bathroom and tons of storage. We can even have space for 1 car in the garage. They also take the trash which is cool. The price is right, the location is perfect and my friend and I decided to take it. I need to call the guy, but as of right now we're planning on moving in July 1st as soon as she can get out of her other place. There's no security deposit, or first and last months rent. The funeral director is a friend of the family and very nice. I am psyched!

After looking at the apartment last night I picked up the dogs from "G's" and went to the barn to ride Moonshine. It was kind of dreary out, but we were still able to ride outside. Moonie was very good but a little sluggish. We had a nice flat warm-up and then jumped some lines and courses. I was very pleased since we have another show coming up this Sunday.

Talked to "G" briefly texting last night, he was busy working on his motorcycle. I get a text this AM when I get in range from him apologizing for being so short with me last night but he was busy and wanted to get home to cook dinner. I wrote him back saying that I understand and hope his dinner went well and he has a good day. He later called me and we chatted for a few minutes. I told him about the apartment and how excited I am. I'm also excited cause I get to ride my own horse tonight. I feel like I've been neglecting him with riding Moonshine so much. He just looks at me from the pasture with those doe eyes and wanting some attention. I think we'll have a fun ride tonight and I'll give him a really good grooming. Have a great day everyone, and hopefully I don't fall asleep at work, that would not be good.

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Stephanie said...

COOL! New places are always so exciting! You know when you were talking about the apartment I kept thinking about the My Girl movie! :)

I think its neat - good for you! Living with a roomate was always a challenge for me, even if we were friends but I know its not for everyone.

Keep us updated!