Tuesday, June 10, 2008

quick update

Like I said before, it's a very busy week for me. After work yesterday I had a counselor appt and it went really well. We talked about my anxiety for the upcoming test and went over some strategies such as tapping and visualization. It was really good to have a grounding session at the beginning of a hectic week. Rode Mooonshine after I picked up the dogs from "G's". He wasn't there so I changed quickly and headed straight to the barn. The heat was horrible. I don't do well in heat and especially humidity it just zaps all of my energy and drive. I think Moonshine was feeling the same. Our flat was great. She was responsive and light. Her hind end was perfectly fine so I took a long slow warm-up before jumping. Her jumping was OK, but not as good as it usually is. She usually goes for the bigger spots and is very easy to break down for a simple lead change after a line but this time she was opting for the chip in even when I clearly told her when to take off and was then racing through a line to make the strides. Afterwards if she was on the wrong lead she would right before the corner set the inside of her jaw and get all strung out instead of collecting up, breaking down quickly and then picking up the correct lead. SO it made it look messy and like I was having to work hard. I think she just needs some more consistency, it's too bad that I have such a busy week at work and with the test Friday. It wasn't a bad ride by any means, it just needs some polishing and fine tuning. Planning on riding tonight after work and then not again until probably Friday afternoon and then getting ready for the show.

On the housing front. My friend backed out of a living situation and is living in a trailer on her own. I have been scrambling to try and find something that I can afford and is relatively close to work. The funeral home apartment is still open and they may be willing to make a deal with me even if my friend doesn't decide to take it. She is possibly thinking of moving out of her trailer because she is resaponsible for all utilities including heat. Up here in Maine, the heating costs are just getting outrageously expensive. She is contemplating it and I have to make arrangements to go look at the apartment either way. So I'm excited about that. It's 15 min from work and about 15 min from the barn, perfect! It's also only 4 miles from "G's" house, oh goody.

Have a good work day everyone, and try and stay cool.


Stephanie said...

You gotta find somewhere to live don't worry about it being close to "G's" Sometimes somethings - like finding a place to live - are more important than guys and their issues.

Love your doggies and horses. Good luck at the show. I have one coming up this weekend too.

After my ride last week - I am not really looking forward to it - but its paid for so I will do my best. Hope yours is more fun!

Vayda said...

How lucky to live in Maine. My BFF lives their for part of the year. What do u think about HAflingers? Im asking anyone who knows anything about horses...