Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day #2

It's now day number 2 of no contact with "G" and I'm doing OK. I had a few times when I wanted to pick up the phone and tell him something and had to resist. My hope is that he is really thinking things through and taking this time for himself. I have counseling today and am glad to tell her about everything going on.

I picked up the keys to the apartment last night and dropped off a check!!! I had a no show this morning on a visit so stopped by the funeral home to look at it again and make mental notes of where things should go. I'm so excited. The place really feels like home if that makes any sense. It's big and airy and bright. We basically have the whole mansion to ourselves except for the few hours a month when there is a funeral and then we hide and be quiet like church mice until their done. My friend is also excited. I just can't wait the 2 weeks until my bedroom set comes in. I've never had a nice bed and matching furniture. I had a dream last night because I washed all my new sheets and stuff that I was making my new bed and it was so comfy and cozy. My goal is to make my bedroom my little oasis. A place where I can relax and enjoy and be comfortable with my dogs and cat.

It's Thursday, one more day till the weekend. I stopped by the barn last night for a little bit and we were planning some of the games for this Sunday. We really wanted to find a way to joust without getting hurt. We came up with the idea of gettingand using those swimming noodles, and cutting them down a little and wrapping duct tape around the end for a handle. But the best part is that we're going to be wearing white T-Shirts and dip the end of the noodle in paint and see who gets hit by the mark on the shirt. I am so excited, this party is going to be so much fun. We're also having the crowd favorite high jump competition which Possum and I won last winter at 4'6". He cleared it but I was too chicken to try 4'9". We're also running barrels, poles, egg and spoon and a bunch of other things. The horses are going to have so much fun. I just hope the weather holds out for us and we can do it outside instead of in the indoor.

So for the weekend it's going to be very busy. Friday night packing and sorting through my stuff. Saturday packing and then in the afternoon bringing things to the new apartment. Sunday wake up early and do stalla and then have the party. Monday I have to work half a day in the morning and then I get out at noon and bring the rest of my stuff to the apartment and unpack and sort through. And then Tuesday hopefully get a call from "G"and see how he is doing. I am cautiously optimistic that he was really serious about everything he told me the other night. Fingers crosses. SO have a great day everyone. I'm looking forward to counseling and getting my thoughts all sorted out for the week. Hopefully someone will take pictures from the barn party so I can post them next week. It's gonna be a blast!

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Stephanie said...

How cool - you jumped 4 ft 6 ?!!

I about cried the first time I had to jump a 3 footer in a pattern, plus it was a wall we sucked at walls. I am totally impressed!

Keep me updated on what happens this year.