Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hump Day

It's Wednesday and the work week is half over, yippee! Had a good time riding my horse last night and he was actually really good. I say it every time and I'm gonna say it again, when I ride another horse that is not my own and then ride my horse after I hate how much of a jack hammer, heavy mouthed downhill kind of horse Possum is. I have used the analogy lately that Moonshine is like a Cadillac. Great air ride suspension, plenty of go, clean steering but not too zippy like a sports car. Possum on the other hand is the equilavent to an Escort hatchback with a turbo engine. Not too well made, got a few bumps and rattles, rides like a go cart but with the turbo engine that makes it go fast but shake like hell at 80mph. Good thing I like little shitty cars :) Possum was actually very good. We jumped some lines, I was really trying to work on my position as well, nice deep heels, open shoulders and chest and head up. He was really listening and for not being really ridden in over a week he wasn't too hyper. There's just something really familiar when you get on your own horse. As soon as I get on he's got his big boy walk on. Moonshine on the other hand has a slow but long strided walk. Possum really really wanted do some galloping but due to the rain the footing was iffy for high speeds so I kept him in a controlled hand gallop around the arena after he did well with some jumps. Dabbled a little in practicing our flying changes and it went well.

Last night "G" texted me and said that he was really busy and asked if he could call me in the morning. I said fine and asked if it was somethign important and he said no that he just had a lot to do. So this morning driving to work he called and we chatted for a few. He told me what he worked on last night and how busy his week is with the tuff truck competition on Sunday (oh goodie) He also talked about how he is notorious for putting too much on his plate and then getting stressed out. I just listened like a good friend and nooded my head and said "um hmm, i agree". He sounded tired and stressed on the phone, he also said that he was cutting out coffee for a while, so he was probably a little grumpy as well. So to asess our situation right now. We are officially in the friend stage. There has been no additude or snippyness lately. We are talking on a regular basis, and I stayed over there last weekend. We both have a busy weekend but are still finding time to talk to one another. I figure that this can be a positive step in the right direction for us. I call it getting back to basics. Talking, being friendly and sharing ones life experiences. I'm getting my shit together and God I hope he is too.

The apartment front is looking very promising and I can't wait to move in. I believe that my parents are also buying me a bedroom set which would be awesome since I don't even own a bed or anything. Plus I'm getting tired of driving so much between work, the barn and my parents house. Gas is killing me!

So gonna ride Moonshine tonight after work and then go home and do laundry. Hopefully the rain holds out again tonight and we can get in some good jumping courses. Have a good hump day everyone, hang in there the weekend is around the corner.

The picture above is of the funeral home in the winter time. My friend and I have the entire second floor to ourselves and the third floor for storage. I am totally psyched!


Anonymous said...

Loved your horse to car analogy so true lets see I must have a Hummer and a VW-Bug!

Stephanie said...

This is fun! I think Stretch would be a Mazda 6 - the sporty flashy model. Versatile, has some go, yet affordable.

While Patrick would be the BMW - in assembly. More specialized - very sporty, and will ride like the wind.